For Andy Soriano and his Alegre team the 2015 Super Series will be the first time they race a TP52. As holders of the 2014 Mini Maxi Worlds title this team does not need introducing to how to campaign and race big boats and neither do they lack knowledge of sailing smaller boats, as the team raced a Soto 40 as well. 

Their new TP52, sistership to Quantum Racing 2015 and designed by Botin & Partners, is under construction at Longitud-0. Aim is to start practicing from Valencia, possibly race at PalmaVela and then up to their 52 Super Series debut.

Owner Driver and team, welcome to the TP52 Class !!

2015 Crew

1 Andres Soriano US Helm
2 John Kostecki US Tactics
3 Kelvin Harrap NZ Strategy
4 Gerry Mitchell  GB Mainsheet
5 Cam Wills SA Runner
6 Will Best      GB Navigator
7 Sam Bell  NZ Aft Grind
8 Seb Tenghage SWE Frwrd Grind
9 Kev George  GB Trim
10 Ross Halcrow NZ Trim
11 Olly Cameron  GB Pit
12 Joe Cox   GB Mid-Bow
13 Matteo Agguardo ITA Bow