Vesper is the 2008 Quantum, a very succesful Botin design. Her owner Jim Swartz and tactician Gavin Brady, guided by Ken Keefe, have since then taken the boat from success to success in US and Caribbean regattas. In 2014 she joined the 52 Super Series in Miami and Capri and for 2015 they are looking to join the 52 Super Series in Cascais. 

Vesper easily wins the competition for the most modified boat. The team has become so good at optimizing the 2008 boat and the owner has grown so fond of his TP that it will take the boat to fall apart under the increased loads before she gets retired. Have a good 2015 season with the Vesper and ever so curious in what trim she turns up in Cascais !!
Crew 2015

1  Jim Swartz GER Helm
2          Tactician     
3     Strategist
4     Navigator
5     Main
6     Runner
7     Trim
8     Trim
9     Grind
10     Grind
11     Pit
12     Mast
13     Mid bow
14     Bow