For Andy Soriano and his Alegre team the 2018 Super Series will be their fourth TP52 season. A new Botin design is built at Longitud-Cero and launched early in April to give this team ample opportunity to sort out the boat and train. From 2017 two of the crew are new and few changed position on the boat. The team finished third in the 2018 TP52 World Championship and Best Owner Driver.

Crew (2018)

1 Andres Soriano US Helm
2 Andy Horton GB Tactics
3 Kelvin Harrap NZ Strategy
4 Noel Drennan GB Mainsheet
5 Kevin George SA Runner
6 Will Best      GB Navigator
7 Michele Gnutti NZ Aft Grind
8 Seb Tenghage SWE Frwrd Grind
9 Andy Hemmings GB Trim Downwind
10 Jon Gunderson ESP Trim Upwind
11 Jonathan Tailor GB Pit
12 Joe Cox   GB Mid-Bow
13 Matteo Agguardo ITA Bow