Luna Rossa

For Luna Rossa the 2018 TP52 campaign is a small step towards the much bigger goal to bring the America's Cup to Italy. The decision to build new was taken very late but their Persico built Botin design was just ready enough for battle at the first 52 Super Series race in Sibenik, so it was a bit of catching up from then. A great team to have with us but unfortunately it will only be for this year as the AC will take all their time from 2019.

Crew 2018

1  Francesco Bruni ITA Helm
2  Vasco Vascotto   ITA Tactician     
3 James Spithill         AUS Strategist
4 Francesco Mongelli ITA Navigator
5 Oietro Sibello ITA Main
6 Jacopo Plazzi ITA Coach
7 Pierluigi De Felice ITA Trim
8 Andrea Tesei ITA Trim
9 Matteo Celon ITA Grind
10 Shannon Falcone ITA Grind
11 Max Sirena ITA Pit
12 Giulio Bertelli ITA Float
13 Michele Cannoni ITA Mid bow
14 Pietro Mantovani ITA Bow