Owner Tony Langley has been helming his various TP52s since 2011 but this year decided to swop the wheel for a role as tactician and invited Andy Beadsworth to take the helm.
Tony over the years has kept his TPs to create a three boat fleet, all are campaigned also this year in the UK, USA and the MED. His 52 Super Series boat is a 2017 Botin design built at Longitud Cero.

Crew (2019):

1 Tony Langley      GBR Tactician
2 Andy Beadsworth GBR Helm
3 Tom Wilson GBR Pit
4 Simon Fisher GBR Navigator
5 Skip Baxter NZL Main
6 Zach Hurst GBR Trim
7 Jono Swain GBR Trim
8 Ben Durham AUS Runners
9 Matt Brushwood GBR Grind
10 Joe Spooner NZL Grind
11 Kyle Langford AUS Strategist
12 Bradley McLaughlin GBR Mid bow
13 Matt Cornwell GBR Bow
transpac52 image