Slightly confusing maybe but Hasso Plattner entered the TP52 arena by buying the 2014 Phoenix originally owned by Eduardo de Souza Ramos and kept the boat in its original livery. After racing a bit and setting his sights higher for the 52 Super Series a 2018 Botin design was ordered and built at Persico copying the livery of the 2014 boat. While the 2018 Phoenix is racing the full 52 Super Series her 2014 sister for 2019 sofar is entered just for the 1st event in Mahon and the TP52 Worlds in Portals. Helming of both boats will be divided between Hasso and his daughter Christina, no need to worry they will be racing as a team in the races both are on the water as both have the healthy ambition to win. Quite daunting to race two boats from an organization point of view, we see a lot of red shirts. The team is very international but has strong ties with South Africa where the team is very popular. Spot the differences, one clue is the the 2014 boat is called The Phoenix but by the bow number (Phoenix is 11) is easier.

Crew 2018

1 Hasso Plattner GER Helm
2 Adrian Stead GBR Tactician 
3 Michele Ivaldi ITA Float
4 Shane Elliot RSA Navigator
5 Pail  Wilcox RSA Main
6 Rodney Daniel AUS Runner
7 Lorenzo Mazza ITA Trim
8 Tony Norris RSA Trim
9 Shaun Pammenter GBR Grind
10 Craig Monk NZL Grind
11 Alan Smith NZL Pit
12 Sean Couvreux USA Bow
13 Abby Ehler GBR Mid bow
transpac52 image